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Acquapole is The Newest Challenge in Aqua Fitness offering participants a complete workout station in the water.  It is now possible to give your customers a high energy, calorie burning, strength & toning workout using Acquapole!

People all over Australia and New Zealand are discovering the benefits of introducing this new and dynamic piece of equipment into their centres.  Class numbers are increasing and a younger demographic are now hitting the water to experience the energy of Acquapole.

Find out the 5 reasons Aquatic Facilities across the world are introducing Acquapole classes to their centres:

  1. It’s New, Fresh & Exciting
    Acquapole provides a brand new way to work out in the water. Gone are the days when dumbbells and noodles were the only equipment option.  Centres can now provide a vertical workout station offering Acquapole, Acquapole Boxing, Acquapole Elastic and Acquapole Choreography all using the one piece of equipment.

  2. Younger Participants are Joining Classes 
    Acquapole has encouraged a whole new demographic to hit the pool.  With high energy instructors teaching a brand new, dynamic workout using Top 40 music, younger participants are joining classes which is drastically shifting the perception that Aqua Fitness is just for older participants.

  3. Acquapole is a Total Body Workout
    Acquapole Boxing provides a high energy, cardio, calorie burning class that will leave you thinking you’ve just run the race of your life. Acquapole Toning classes will engage your core and improve your posture utilising the buoyancy and resistance of the water. Acquapole Elastic will improve your flexibility, strength and endurance giving you a class experience like no other.  Acquapole Choreography will give you a challenging workout utilising fun routines that will leave you smiling for days.

  4. An Increase in Profits
    Aquatic Facilities who change the way they think about aqua fitness are staying ahead of their competition and reaping the benefits by providing their participants with a brand new way to work out in the water.  People all over Australia are asking the same question: Which Aquatic Facilities are running Aqcuapole Classes in my area.
  5. Aqua Fitness is the future
    The European Aqua Fitness market is exploding with dynamic aqua classes that are attended by a huge young demographic.  Working out it the water is a challenging, high energy way to burn calories but also provides an impact free environment that protects participants from injury. Aqua Fitness is the future….will your Aquatic Facility be providing The Newest Challenge in Aqua Fitness?