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Change the way you work out in the water......

Acquapole® Australasia are pleased to represent Acquapole®, SAF AQUA Drums Vibes & Aqquatix in the Australasian market by providing equipment and training to Aquatic Facilities.

Acquapole® has arrived in Australia and it's changing the way we work out in the water. The pool is the new gym as thousands of people all across Australia are flocking to Acquapole® classes to experience these unique and exciting fitness classes.  With just one piece of equipment Aquatic Facilities can provide customers with a variety of different classes including Acquapole® Choreography, Acquapole® Elastic, Acquapole® Boxing, Acquapole® Postural and Acquapole® Circuit Fusion - a workout station right in your pool!

SAF AQUA Drums Vibes is a unique Aqua Fitness Program that combines drum rhythms, lots of fun and a totally new approach to water training.  Participants will succumb to the sounds of rhythmical music, relive their stress, unleash emotions and forget how hard they are working! 

Acquapole® Australasia also provide products from Aqquatix including Aqua Steps & Aquatic Boxing Gloves.  These aquatic products can be added to your existing aqua classes to give your clients a variety of products to make their workouts exciting and diverse.

Acquapole® Australasia provide: 

green tick   Constant Development
Acquapole® Australaisa works with all their partners constantly developing accessories and training protocols to ensure high standards are kept and met.

green tick   Certified Training
Acquapole® Australasia provides registered training courses for instructors to learn how to deliver exciting, fun and safe Acquapole® & SAF AQUA Drums Vibes classes. All instructors must complete the require training course to conduct classes worldwide.

green tick   Industry Recognition
Acquapole® Instructor Training Courses are Accredited by Fitness Australia & recognised by Austswim. Instructors who complete the Acquapole® Level 1 Tone Course recieve 6 CEC's & 10% off an Austwi m WETS course.

green tick Aqua Fitness Worldwide
Acquapole®  is changing the way people work out in the water across the world. Worldwide their are currently: 568 Certified Acquapole® Instructors, 152 Official Acquapole® Swimming Centres, 22 Countries performing Acquapole® Fitness and 12 Acquapole® Master Trainers.

SAF AQUA Drums Vibes was released in Poland in 2017 to rave reviews.  In 2018 Acquapole® Australasia brought the program to Australia where it is currently making it's debut at The Parafield Gardens Swim School in South Australia.







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