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Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water
Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water


Licensed Acquapole Centres

All centres who purchase Acquapole's® are licensed to run classes at their centre. 

Licensed centres will recieve:

  • Marketing & advertising support
  • The license to use official Acquapole® Logos & pictures
  • Registered as an official centre on:
  • Product warranty
  • Product Care instructions

*Acquapole is a trademark & licensed product and guidelines apply for all centres running classes. All centres running Acquapole® classes must use certified Acquapole® instructors to ensure safe and effective classes.

Certified Acquapole Instructors

All Instructors who successfully complete the Acquapole Level one course are certified ti run classes.

Certified Acquapole® Instructors will recieve:

  • Have recieved training directly from an Acquapole® Master Trainer
  • Been trained extensively in the protocol of their certificate
  • Recieved safe handling, entry & exit training
  • Recieve 6 Fitness Australia CEC's for the Level 1 Acquapole Tone Course
  • Recieve 5 Fitness Australia CEC's for the Acquapole® Elastic Pole Course

*Acquapole Australasia ensure all instructors are adequately trained to ensure all participants are safe and recieve and effective workout.