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Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water
Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water

Discover the Acquapole Revolution

The Newest Challenge in Aqua Fitness is here

ACQUAPOLE® AUSTRALASIA are pleased to represent Acquapole® in the Australasian market by providing equipment and training to Aquatic Facilities.

Acquapole® has arrived in Australia and it's changing the way we work out in the water. The pool is the new gym as thousands of people all across Australia are flocking to Acquapole® classes to experience these unique and exciting fitness classes.

Acquapole® is a fantastic toning opportunity, especially abdominal, hips and core as well as trunk and shoulders and appeals to a broad range of clients from amatuers to athletes, young to old.

Acquapole® is a fitness revolution providing Aquatic Centres the opportunity to run a variety of classes, all with the one piece of equipment. It truly is a workout station in the pool.

Acquapole® Boxing, Acquapole® Elastic, Acquapole® T-Traction and a variety of Acquapole® class styles from choreography to postural will have your clients coming back for more!

Acquapole® improves osteoarticular flexibility and coordination through combined exercises, cardio-vascular activity and blood circulation, improves all posture muscles and alleviates pressure on joints and back without decreasing the workload.

Acquapole® is designed, patented and manufactured in Italy in 2010 by Monica Spagnuolo.



  Certified Training Method

Acquapole® Australasia provides registered training courses for instructors to learn how to deliver exciting, fun and safe Acquapole® classes. All instructors must complete the require training course to conduct classes worldwide. 



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Constant Development
Acquapole® and all its accesories are designed and patened in Italy.  New accesories and training protocols are constantly developed to ensure Acquapole® is always a market leader. Acquapole® Australasia works closely with Acquapole® Italy to ensure high standards are kept and met.

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Industry Recognition
Acquapole® Instructor Training Courses are Accredited by Fitness Australia & recognised by Austswim. Instructors who complete the Acquapole® Level 1 Tone Course recieve 6 CEC's & 10% off an Austwim WETS course.

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Acquapole Worldwide
Acquapole® is changing the way people work out in the water across the world. Worldwide their are currently: 568 Certified Acquapole® Instructors, 152 Official Acquapole® Swimming Centres, 22 Countries performing Acquapole® Fitness and 12 Acquapole® Master Trainers.