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Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water
Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water

Acquapole Standard


CODE:   ACQ001 

Standard 2m Acquapole


Acquapole was designed and patented in Italy as a tool for aquatic fitness. It is made up of a pole and a base that anchors to any type of pool surface with the use of specific sized (non staining) suction cups. Acquapole Standard has a synthetic base in glass fiber with a stainess steel pole that attaches to the base with a quick coupling device. This piece of equipment is the most versatile and complete tool available for Aqua Fitness. It’s ground breaking features mean that the user decides how to use it as they are carrying out the exercises. The tool is extremely stable and easy to handle, being less than 20kg in weight. So, it is simple to set up and remove from the water. The height of the pole can be adjusted according to needs.


  • Made in synthetic (HDPE plastic) & stainless steel INOX aisi type 316
  • The pole is available in two heights, 2m & 2.5 m depending on the needs of the cente
  • Base Diameter: 80cm
  • Base & Pole weight: 16kg
  • 8 Suction Cups
  • It has an easy-to-manage weight for moving and positioning in the water
  • It can be disassembled and is easy-to-manage at the end of the activity
  • It allows you to carry out an intense activity and have a good workout
  • Ideal Depth: 1m-1.4m
  • Distance Between Acquapoles: 1.5m