Acquapole Boxing Bag


Acquapole Boxing Bag




Boxing Bag


Code:  ACQ:002

Standard 2m Acquapole with Boxing Bag
$1380 + GST

The addition of the Boxing Bag to the Acquapole allows the user to take fitness to a whole new level with high energy cardio workouts by sliding the boxing bag onto the Acquapole! Purchasing the Acquapole and Boxing Bag together gives the Aquatic Facility two classes with the one piece of equipment.

The Boxing Bag is made of high density foam and attaches to the pole with a hook for easy assembly.


  • Simple and easy locking and assembly system
  • Made of materials that do not deteriorate
  • Entertaining and explosive classes
  • Low Cost


Code:  ACQ:004

Standard 2.5m Acquapole with Boxing Bag
$1430 + GST

The Standard 2.5m Acquapole is also available in a package with the Boxing Bag.


Code:  ACQ:005

Boxing Bag
$250 + GST

The Boxing Bag can be purchased seperate to the Acquapole.


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