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Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water
Acuqapole Australasia - Change the way you work out in the water

Become a Certified Acquapole® Instructor

Join the Worldwide Acquapole® Team and learn to instruct the Newest Challenge in Aqua Fitness.

With 150 exercises for strengthening and toning muscles and more than 20 associated grips, the Acquapole® Method is the only training program that allows complete exploitation of the training potentials of an aquatic piece of equipment like Acquapole®: simple, versatile and multifunctional!

All courses are available in both face-to-face and online learning structures. 


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Learn from the Master Trainers

Acquapole® certification courses are conducted by our Australian Master Trainers, Adel, Samantha and Donna and are designed for instructors to learn to conduct safe and effective Acquapole® classes in the pool. All instructors teaching Acquapole® MUST complete a certified Acquapole® Instructor Course before instructing classes.  Courses are held at different locations and times throughout Australia and will be listed on our website and Facebook Page.

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Professional Training Courses

During our Acquapole® courses and workshops you will learn how to conduct safe & exciting Acquapole® sessions. The Acquapole® certified courses involve both a theory session on land and a practical session in the pool. During the training day you will acquire all the skills necessary to prepare your Acquapole® Fitness classes immediately.   Upon successful completion of the course the Acquapole® international certificate will be issued. This can be used to instruct Acquapole® classes worldwide.


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Fitness Australia CEC'S

Upon succesful completion of the Acquapole® Tone Course you will recieve 6 CEC's from Fitness Australia.


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Austswim WETS Aqua Instructor Course Discount

Provide your Acquapole® Course enrolment to Austswim and receive 10% OFF a WETS Aqua Instructor Course.


Acquapole® Tone

Acquapole Tone

'Instructor Training'

This course gives the opportunity of teaching Acquapole® to everyone. 
Instructors must teach this level for 1 year before enrolling in a Level 2 Course.


Acquapole® Advanced

Acquapole Tone

'Extend your Participants'

This course adds onto your base moves learnt in the level one course. Challenge your participants with a much more intense class with added variety for strength, cardio and endurance.

Acquapole® Elastic Pole

Acquapole Elastic

'Details that make the Difference'

This course involves the insertion of the Elastic pole
and T-traction onto the Acquapole®, which enrich the
range of exercises and varies the intensity.

Acquapole® Postural 


'Aquatic Core'
This course is designed for instructors who practice postural-holistic activities.

Acquapole® Boxing Bag  

Acquapole Boxing

'Not only Arms'

Punches, kicks and blocks have never been as much fun. 
This workshop provides the opportunity to teach Acquapole® to any type of user, also favoring the involvement of male participants.