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Aqua Fitness


The term Aqua Fitness refers to an innovative form of water training that enhances muscle tone and improves joint mobility by performing a number of exercises developed specifically for the aquatic environment.

Exercises are often inherited from many ground training disciplines (from Boxing to Step to Nordic Walking) but performed at a reduced speed that suits the nature of the workout environment.

Water is a fluid like air, but is much denser and has a resistance about 12 times greater than any pushing or pulling movement done in the air.

This is the essence of Aqua Fitness itself, exploiting the power of aquatic resistance to enhance strength, coordination and mobility.

Thanks to the introduction of Acquapole Fitness, Aqua Fitness is now successfully increasing all over the world as people are better understanding the benefits of a workout that uses water, not only as a resistance but also as a support. Due to the water principle of floatation (better known as the Archimedes Principle, according to which “A body immersed in a liquid receives a push from the bottom upwards equal to the weight of the liquid shifted”), as the body part immersed goes deeper, the greater the force that pushes us upward with support and flotation.

The ability to train in the water 'leaning' on the Acquapole aquatic tool allows you to bring Aqua Fitness to those user classes that are often excluded. Like children, starting from the age of 3, with whom they can develop pre-game play instructions.

But also pregnant women, overweight people, those who have suffered a trauma and need extra support in the water.  And even those who are not able to swim.

Sometimes even getting them to workout in deep water, where resistance increases and, with it, the benefits that we can gain from our workout.

The Acquapole Aquatic Tool has contributed to a huge turning point in Aqua Fitness, not just for the innovative way it allows you to super-train in the water but above all for its versatility.

With its 150 exercises and 20 possible holds, the Acquapole Aquatic Tool is an extremely versatile workout apparatus. Adequate to develop workout programs that can be developed extensively regarding age, sex, and overall body fitness. The addition of the T-Traction Bar, Boxing Bag & Elastic turns the Acquapole into a complete workout station in the pool.

That’s why Acquapole Fitness is changing the way we do Aqua Fitness!